Tough Chihuahua Is Not Going Back To Jail Again, Leads Police In High Speed Chase

Just because the cops are tailing you in a high speed chase doesn’t mean you’re a criminal. This bitty black Chihuahua led the California Highway Patrol across the Bay Bridge. His crime? Besides being guilty of being adorable, none. The pooch was simply on the loose, either because he escaped from his parent or was abandoned. And who would’ve thought he could run that fast on those teeny legs!

After capturing the pup, the police took him to an animal shelter in San Francisco where he’s now in custody. But the laughs don’t end there. What’s even better than the dog’s furious bolt across the bridge? Shelter staff named the dog Ponch, as a nod to the CHP Officer Frank Poncherello in the TV series CHiPs.

The Chihuahua was wearing a tag with a little skull on it—he’s a badass like that—but it doesn’t list a name or phone number. If you think you recognize this little rebel, call 415-554-6364.

h/t The Daily Mail

Dr. Katy Nelson

6 years ago