Chihuahua Puppy Reunited With Stolen Mom In National Puppy Day Miracle

Reviewed by Lisa Bernier

March 29, 2015

When tiny baby chihuahua Chanel was only 9 days old, she got a harsh introduction to the cruelty of the world. Her mother, Sophie was taken by burglars when their home was broken into.


The pup parent of both, Londoner Mara Almeida was distraught. Not only that, but without her mother, Chanel refused to eat and continuously cried for her mother to return.


And although Almeida and her family had possessions valued at almost $60,000 stolen from their home, all they wanted was their beloved Sophie back. They even offered a reward of upwards of $1400 for Sophie’s safe return.

Fortunately, forty-eight hours later AND on National Puppy Day no less, Sophie, who had been abandoned in a park, was found by two good Samaritans. Colin Peacock and wife Gladys were walking their German Shepherd Saber when Saber suddenly started sniffing at a cardboard box. Upon investigating, the Peacocks were astonished to find a small Chihuahua inside. As Peacock told the Daily Mail:

“I opened it up and in there was this little dog. It was a bit of a shock. I took it down to the PDSA and saw the poster on the wall about Sophie and called Mara up. She was in floods of tears. One of the kids said, ‘Do you want money’, but I didn’t do it for that. The main thing is they got their dog back – that’s what it’s about.”


The Peacocks refused to take the reward, and Almeida, whose efforts to feed Chanel from a bottle had so far been refused by the puppy, was overjoyed:

“I’m so happy now. The puppy is so happy she’s back with her mum now. She had stopped eating without her but now she’s eating again. We offered a £1,000 reward – I was going to sell my car to get the money – but the couple who found it turned it down.”

Kudos to the Peacocks, and thank goodness this story had a happy ending! Chanel is back with Sophie now and thriving!


Featured Image and h/t to The Daily Mail

Reviewed by Lisa Bernier

March 29, 2015