Teensy Two-legged Chihuahua Scores Wheelchair Made of Toys

This darlin' Chihuahua was born without his front legs, but if you think that's stopping him, you don't know Jack Russell Terrier! Turbo Roo admittedly had a rough start; at one month old he weighed a mere 10 ounces! turboroo1
Image via The Downtown Veterinarian
It was a difficult decision, but his humans signed Turbo Roo over to The Downtown Veterinarian in Indianapolis so that he could get the intensive care that was necessary for him to survive. turboroo2
Image via @turbo.roo
And this little go-getter didn't just survive, he thrived! Once he started eating regularly and gaining weight, the veterinary staff set about getting him a "mobility cart," but that took some real DIY chutzpah as Turbo Roo is too small to be fitted for a traditional cart. His cart's first incarnation was cobbled together from the parts of a Fisher Price helicopter. turboroo3
Image via The Downtown Veterinarian
Once he got a little bigger, straws were added. Currently, Turbo Roo is racing around in a cart made with the pipes of a toy welding kit.
  However, this little guy won't stay so little forever, and the staff is concerned he will outgrow his cart soon. turboroo7
Image via The Downtown Veterinarian
They took to social media to share Turbo Roo's story on Facebook and Instagram in the hopes of raising the money needed to purchase a cart specifically designed for his small stature. turboroo5
Image via @turbo.roo
When he is ready to leave full-time care, Turbo Roo will be adopted by veterinary technician Ashley Looper, who has fallen head-over-paws in love with the spunky Chihuahua. If you'd like to donate to Turbo Roo's medical cost, follow this link.
h/t to The Huffington Post

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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