5 Ways To Help Your Pup Stay Totally Chill This Summer

Summertime is pawsome for you and your dog. You both get to run and play outdoors. Take long hikes. Hang out in the pool. Chase the squirrels. Well, maybe you don't chase the squirrels... or maybe you do. I have no idea what you're into. All of this hot to trot fun can be dangerous for our pups. Dogs can overheat just like hoomans. We've got some great tips to help you keep your dog healthy in the summer sun. 1. Lots and lots of cool water to drink. This is obvious, but here are some ways to quench your pup's thirst at home or on the go. Flexi Dog Bowl This indoor/outdoor dog bowl is super squishable. You can throw it in your beach bag, or even your purse, for long summer days. Pro tip: Pop it in the freezer overnight with some water for a giant ice cube. flexi dog bowl Gulpy A water bottle and a water bowl in one! Excellent for pups on the go! gulpy Drinkwell Dog Fountains Besides being absolutely gorgeous, these drinking fountains keep your summer lovin' pup hydrated. drinkwell dog fountains 2. Protect frito-feetz with dog booties. Our pups tootsies get some protection from their paws, but scorching hot pavement can still hurt. Here are a few solutions: Pawz Dog Boots These are reusable and waterproof! Joie-in-Pawz-boots Dog sandals These are a must for the stylish pup! dog sandals 1 Musher's Secret For dogs who throw a world-ending tantrum at the sight of booties, use this moisturizing wax before your pup spends some time in the sunshine. mushers secret [bp_related_article] 3. Tons o' water to jump in! Drinking water is a must, but playing in water is the best thing about summer! Sprinklers You know you want to run through it, too. dog in sprinkler Dog Bone Pool Sure, any pool will do, but how can you say no to a pool shaped like a bone? You can't. Plus, if you want to make other pawrents feel inadequate, you can build a deck around it. Dog-Bone-Pool 4. Give them cool and yummy treatz They need to experience the joy of a summer slushie, too! Ice Cream You can share some frosty goodness with your pups at home or stop by restaurants like Shake Shack for a special Pooch-ini. ***Note: WebMD lists ice cream and dairy as foods your dog shouldn’t eat. Just like humans, some dogs get upset stomachs from eating dairy. If you have a pup with a sensitive tummy, you might want to talk to your vet first. 130708-dog-menu-590x590 Homemade Smoothies As long as you know which foods to avoid, there are loads of dog and human friendly smoothies you can whip up for you and your pup! dog_drinking_straw smoothie Frosty Paws These sweet non-dairy treats kind of remind me of the little cups of ice cream I'd get in the elementary school cafeteria. frosty paws 5. Make sure they have super cool places to hang out. You may want to get your tan on, but your pup should have the option to retreat to a shady, cool spot. Kot to Trot Bed It's uber pretty, waterproof and helps to give your pup much needed summertime shade. kot to trot Self-Cooling Mat After a hot romp outside, this mat will give your dog an excellent cool down. dog cooling mat
Featured image via @3goldenfurkids

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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