This Puppy Met A Kitten And They Fell In Love At First Snuggle

Written by: Lisa Bernier

March 26, 2015

Operation Kindness, a no-kill animal shelter in Carrollton, TX usually doesn’t get two orphaned baby animals at similar ages come through their doors on the same day. But Friday, March 20th proved to be the exception to the rule.


That day, a 4-week-old kitten named Adele and a 5-week-old puppy named Chip were brought to the rescue. Adele was first, and since she was so young, they knew they had to place her in a foster home. But when Chip came in they thought maybe Adele could use a friend in foster! So the rescue workers put the two of them into the same bed and within minutes, the kitten and puppy were snuggling together. It was true ruv!


Adele and Chip are currently being fostered in the same household, and they are inseparable.


They play together, with Adele taking the feisty lead!

Eat together.


Take vet visits together.


And of course, cuddle together when it’s time for naps (one of Chip’s favorite activities)!






Both of them are not up for adoption quite yet (they’re too young, and have necessary veterinary procedures to go through first), but when they are, the shelter decided they’ll be adopted out together, because best friends? They’re for life!


Already, the shelter has recived multiple inquires about the two. Natalie Buxton, who talked to the BarkPost about the adorable duo, said:

“We’ve already had hundreds of messages and phone calls about people interested in adopting the two of them as a pair! It’s been amazing!”

Buxton and Operation Kindness will be updating the adventures of Chip & Adele on Facebook and YouTube. To find out more about the work Operation Kindness does, as well as their available animals, check out their website.

As always, if you’re thinking of adding a furry friend to your family, consider BarkBuddy as well to give a fluffy single near you their furever home! 🙂

h/t to Operation Kindness

Featured Image courtesy of Operation Kindness, Photo by Teresa Beth Photography

Written by: Lisa Bernier

March 26, 2015