Everyone Is Talking About This Couple’s New Baby But We Want To Talk About Their Dogs

Written by: Sarah Kaufman

April 21, 2016

Power couple John Legend and Chrissy Teigen welcomed a new member of their family this week, a baby girl named Luna. But they already had three babies (of the dog variety, that is) – Puddy the Bulldog, Pippa the Frenchie, and Penny the three-legged Frenchie. The musician and model frequently show their pups off on Instagram, proving that they are crazy pup parents just the rest of us – possibly crazier.

Here are our some of our favorite pics of this ridiculously good looking pack:

Their idea of romance is also our idea of romance.


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Puddy and Penny have seriously perfected their begging faces.

Morning! (Morning lasts til 2 on sundays)

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Look at those derpy teeths!

We assume they get plenty of treats for helping Chrissy pick out her clothes.

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Chrissy’s recent Throwback Thursday pic was a smokin’ hot flashback to a shirtless Legend on a walk with their oldest pup, Puddy.

Puddy isn’t the only dog in the family anymore, but nothing will replace his spot in his humans’ hearts.

Puddy’s mushy face is present for Luna’s first days on earth.

hi my lulu!

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Pippa thinks she’s just as glamorous as her mom.

She’s right, she’s totally just as glamorous.

Like most pups, she loves cuddling up with her dad… we also wish we were cuddling up with her dad.

The couple added three-legged Penny to the family in 2014.

Meet our newest family member, Penny!

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Like most pup parents, Chrissy and John adore Penny to bits… whether she likes it or not.


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Puddy is super helpful around the house. When they moved, he did all the heavy lifting.

But mostly he’s just a smush.

Who sometimes gets his heart broken at doggy daycare.

Breakup at doggy daycare?

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It’s okay because you know he gets lots of free toys.

And his own plane disem-barking steps.

Puddy and Pippa had their own brush with fame when Legend filmed a dog wedding video for them, serenading them with his song, “All of me” for his charity, the Show Me Campaign.

If still aren’t convinced that these two are just as crazy about their pups as you are about yours, here’s definitive proof:

Written by: Sarah Kaufman

April 21, 2016