The Latest Way To Feed Your Cute Puppy Picture Addiction Is Here.

Team BarkGood, Bark & Co’s dedicated pro-social team, launched BarkBuddy in early 2014 to help future pup parents find adoptable fluffy singles in their area. Since then, nearly two million dog profiles have been viewed, shared and many of these pups have found furever homes (happy tears!). And now for all of the dog-obsessed, potential adopters out there who can’t get enough, we have a new way to scratch the "Must Look at Puppies NOW" itch! chrome Now you can start every website off on the right paw with our BarkBuddy chrome extension, because, let’s be honest - even when you’re not looking to adopt there’s nothing better than opening a new tab and seeing this! jesse

Find Jesse on BarkBuddy

  Or this!!! marty

Find Marty on BarkBuddy

Or THIS! plucky

Find Plucky on BarkBuddy

And then all of a sudden your desktop looks like this... unnamed Download the BarkBuddy Chrome extension and this could be your new and improved Internet reality! Plus you could help the lives of a ton of pups who need to be shared, fostered and adopted. P.S. If you’re a rescue group looking to work with BarkGood, let us know! Head here and sign up for our partnership program where we offer grants, sponsorships and fundraiser many more perks!
Featured Image via DSPCA

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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