Senior Dog Has Lived Half Her Life In Shelter; Now She Has A Chance At Happiness

Written by: Nicole Zalat

February 16, 2016

***Update 2/17/16***

Good news for Cinnie, the senior dog who’s lived nearly six years in a shelter – she’s been adopted! Thanks so much to Ted Parker and Wanda Cummings Kartal for giving her a home, and to The Mr. Mo Project for taking care of her financial needs until the end of her days.


Posted by Cinnie 5 years being overlooked on Wednesday, February 17, 2016

***Original Story***

This is Cinnie.


She ended up at a shelter in 2011 when she lost her family. They never came for her.


At 11 years old, she has been at the North Fork Animal Welfare League for half of her short life, and despite efforts to promote this sweet senior, Cinnie still hasn’t found the human who will give her the best final years any dog could hope for.


A Facebook page was made for her, where videos and photos show the world how much life and love Cinnie still has in her despite being overlooked for the past five years. Posts telling her story are often shared and liked by people who wish they could adopt Cinnie, but can’t because they already have other pets. Commenters have expressed disbelief that such a lovely pup hasn’t found her forever human yet.

I can’t believe nobody wants to love me!!

Posted by Cinnie 5 years being overlooked on Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Cinnie’s story is like that of many other senior dogs who are often ignored by potential adopters. Her future family wouldn’t have to housetrain her or teach her basic commands. She already knows all these things. All she needs is someone who will love her.

Posted by Cinnie 5 years being overlooked on Monday, November 16, 2015

After years of being ignored, Cinnie finally has the chance she’s been waiting for. Chris Hughes of The Mr. Mo Project has generously offered to pay for all of Cinnie’s costs for the rest of her life. Hughes and his wife Mariesa founded The Mr. Mo Project, named after their late senior pup, to help save senior dogs just like Cinnie. All this good-mannered girl needs now is someone who will open up their home to her.

*PLEASE SHARE* We are taking this on as a personal mission to help Cinnie find her forever home! She has been at the…

Posted by Chris Hughes on Monday, February 15, 2016

Cinnie is located in central New York – 269 Peconic Ln, Peconic, NY, to be exact – but the shelter is willing to transport her. To find out more about her you can contact North Fork Animal Welfare League at 631-765-1811 ext. 1, or email [email protected] You can follow and share Cinnie’s story on Facebook. Share this post with friends to spread the word. Let’s get this girl adopted!

Featured image via Cinnie 5 years being overlooked/Facebook

Written by: Nicole Zalat

February 16, 2016