15 Things Only People With Clingy Dogs Understand

Written by: Greyceli Marin

December 29, 2015

You know that analogy “Dogs are to people as glitter is to everything”? I might’ve made that up, but it applies to just about every clingy pup out there: the needy pup, the velcro pup, the hooman-loving clingy pup. Sure they won’t let us leave their sight, even when we really want them to, but we secretly kind of love it.

Not that we’re complaining, but here are 15 things that make us go…

1. When you sit down at the dog park and your dog won’t go play because he’s afraid you’re not having a good time.

“Bud, I’m fine right here. You go play.” “Please run with me.”
2. When your dog wants to have dinner with you, not after you.

“Fine, you watch me now. But this is way less fun than what I wanted.”
3. “Is it dog friendly? My dogs love beer.”

“We love beer!!!” #NotDrinkingItThough #JustPosingclingy
4. “Are you really making your dog the ring bearer?” Yes. This is her dream.

“Must… keep.. balance… everyone’s… watching…”clingy
5. This.

6. Every day is take your child to work day, and it’s taken very, very seriously.

“Can you explain that second logarithm again? Lol, just kidding. I’m a dog.”clingy
7. They want to make sure they’re the first thing you see when you wake up.

“Just gonna sit right here and make sure nothing happens to you.”clingy
8. Having to change the channel because that movie is too scary for your dog.

“Mom this is that weird part with the screaming isn’t it. PLS CHANGE.”clingy
9. “Is it dog friendly? My dog loves brunch.”

“I love brunch.”clingy
10. Having to buy matching outfits so your dog doesn’t get jealous of the new baby.

“Wait. How come I don’t get a onesie?”clingy
11. Including your dog in your family holiday photos.

“We were the original blonde children.”clingy
12. And engagement photos.

“We couldn’t let them come to this lake by themselves you know?”clingy
13. And… wedding photos.

“It’s our turn next month.” #Sigh #YesItIsclingy
14. OK, this is getting out of hand.

“I don’t get it. We’re getting another dog? And are those his shoes? Where are mine?”clingy
15. Turns out we’re actually the clingy ones.

“I did not agree to this. I am a grown dog.”clingy
Featured image via @melody_electra

Written by: Greyceli Marin

December 29, 2015

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