Explosive Detection Dogs Just Completed Helicopter Training With The Coast Guard

Reviewed by Dr. Katy Nelson

April 9, 2016

Introducing canines Ricky and Evy, two explosive-detection dogs who just finished their helicopter proficiency training. Under the careful watch and in capable hands of the U.S. Coast Guard Maritime Safety and Security Team (MSST), the pair are experts when it comes to work in the air and out at sea.

ricky in helicopter

In a final test with the California Air National Guard 129th Rescue Wing, Ricky and Evy practiced hoisting into an airborne HH-60G Pave Hawk helicopter. They’ve been hard at work with their handlers since 2008!

going down

Despite their expert skills, these professionals certainly don’t take their duties lightly—safety is of the utmost concern, and neither Ricky nor Evy go anywhere without the necessary gear. Canine goggles and ear protection shield them from “rotor wash, sea spray, foreign debris and engine noise,” according to the U.S. Coast Guard Facebook page.

gear check

It’s incredibly important to make sure every team member is safe and comfortable, although these two do look very cool.

lookin cool

The Coast Guard K-9 teams “routinely conduct proficiency training with military, federal, state and local partners to ensure [their] teams can respond and deploy from a variety of aircraft and vessels.”

canine coastie

Whether they’re on land, water, or floating into their air on their handler’s lap, there’s no mistaking these canines for just any heroes. We look forward to seeing more of their accomplishments as they continue to rock the “Canine Coasties” name!

h/t ABC News, featured image via U.S. Coast Guard/Facebook

Reviewed by Dr. Katy Nelson

April 9, 2016