Pup Scared Of Cars Spends 11 Years At Shelter – Let’s Help Him Find His Furever Home!

Toby the Collie has spent 11 YEARS in a shelter. Not because he can’t find a furever home, but because his fear of cars is so crippling that he can’t get into a car to get there.

This poor pooch arrived at Hilbrae Kennels in Telford, Shrops, when he was just 11-months-old. He’s now a 12-year-old looking to retire in a place that he can call his own.

According to Claudia Churchill, a supervisor at the kennel, Toby is terrified of cars. So much so that when he does get adopted and has to get in his new family’s car, he runs right back into the shelter. This has kept him from going home with a family.

Image via Mirror
Image via Mirror

Churchill told the Mirror:

“He came to us as a ten-month-old and had a few issues. He was quite naughty. We don’t know how he was ­abandoned and we don’t know why he is scared of vehicles.We don’t know if he was thrown from a car when he was abandoned, but he is terrified of them. People love him but he gets overlooked because of his fear of cars.

Toby needs a family that will walk him home, so he can get the retirement he deserves surrounded by a loving family.

You can follow Toby’s journey to happiness on his very own twitter account, @hilbraetoby.

H/T Mirror


Tasmai Uppin

7 years ago

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