Seeing Eye Dropout Dog Finds New Career As Arson Detective

Dropouts can change the world. Bill Gates. Einstein. And oh yeah, Riley, the arson dog. Agent Jerry Means and his arson dog, Riley, make up one of the three teams in Colorado that can quickly gather evidence when fire investigators suspect arson. [caption id="attachment_26325" align="aligncenter" width="650"]arson dog Agent Means with Riley[/caption] Arson dogs sniff out traces of gasoline, lighter fluid and other accelerants criminals use. Means didn't always work with Riley though. Riley trained for a job in the past, but ultimately dropped out of seeing-eye-school. But Means says his skills are better suited to arson investigations, including his keen sense of smell. Earlier this year, Means's former pawtner Sadie retired after having served for seven years and 500 arson investigations. The American Humane Association named Sadie Top Law Enforcement/Arson Dog in the U.S. in 2011. Among many awards and honors, Sadie traveled to Hollywood and rubbed noses with big celebrities, including Betty White. sadie   bettywhite Riley clearly has big paw prints to fill, but Means had confidence in him! In fact, Riley attended an intensive national training program run by the state police in Maine, and he graduated from Arson K-9 School in May. He's already responded to nearly 20 fires. How's that for teaching a dog new tricks? arson dog
Images via State Farm and CBI agent Jerry Means
h/t to Colorado Public Radio

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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