These Women Wanted To Help Dogs So They Started A Lost Dog Detective Agency

Written by: Dina Fantegrossi

May 9, 2016

When a pet goes missing in Parker, Castle Rock, Aurora, or Highlands Ranch, Colorado, Whitney Olson and Kristen Rollin are there to help. Together, the two friends have created the non-profit dog detective agency, Missing Mutt Detectives. Saddened by the strays wandering in their community and the heartbreaking missing pet posters that occasionally crop up, the two dog lovers decided to take action.


It all started with a speckled pooch named Murphy. The skittish white and tan mutt had been missing for more than a month despite repeated sightings in the area. Olson and Rollin staked out the vicinity where Murphy had been spotted and were eventually able to reunite him with his family through the Colorado Lost & Found Pets network on Facebook. Murphy requires medication for a seizure disorder, making his situation all the more critical. Thankfully he was returned home safe and healthy.


Olson and Rollin found the experience of helping Murphy and his family so gratifying that they decided to make it a full time gig – albeit an unpaid one. Along with a dedicated group of volunteers, these selfless ladies organize search parties for missing dogs and cats, as well as rescue strays and found pets in the community. In the past year they have filled a necessary void within the community and reunited several frantic owners with their lost pets.

Their Facebook page chronicles each case step by step with updates, surveillance and night vision photos. They post pictures of missing pets and share their identifying info via missing posters, encouraging the community to get involved. If an unidentified animal is taken in by a local shelter or animal clinic, they use their page to spread the word and attempt to search out the owner. When an animal is recovered and no owners step forward to claim it, MMD helps place it with a new loving family.


With the support of their volunteers and fellow pet lovers in the community MMD has obtained several pieces of equipment vital to their mission including night vision goggles, safety traps, bungee cords, tarps, slip leashes and binoculars.


As they continue to grow, the Missing Mutt Detectives hope to expand their services further out into the Southeast Aurora area. Aside from their main mission of rescuing lost and endangered pets, the volunteers also devote their time to educating the public on responsible pet ownership practices, proper training, containment, and what to do in pet emergencies.



Because their services are free of charge, the Missing Mutt Detectives currently only have the resources to work on one case at a time. They rely on the donations of concerned citizens to help them provide this much needed community service. If you would like to contribute to their cause you can make a donation and find more info on how you can help on their GoFundMe page.

H/T to Life with Dogs

Featured Image via Missing Mutt Detectives/Facebook

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Written by: Dina Fantegrossi

May 9, 2016

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