The Time We Found Out Columbus, Ohio Is One Incredibily Dog-Friendly Town

For those of you who joined us last week at our Columbus, Ohio launch party, we don't have to tell you what a tail-wagging good time it was. But for everyone else... OMG! Guys! We had the most amazing time in Columbus! cbus1 Not only was there an incredible turnout, but it was such a dog-friendly town that there were already a ton of pups and parents playing together in the Commons because that's just what people in Columbus do. Now that's our kind of town. cbus2 That's why we were happy to open the new Bark & Co office in the heart of a city that understands the heart of a dog. It's also why we decided to show the pups and people of Columbus one heck of a good time. And what better way to have a good time than throw a BarkPawty! [bp_related_article] Fortunately, we're pretty good at this pawty thing. We brought a DJ, the best food trucks in Columbus, local treat-makers, some sweet Bark swag... We brought it all! And the response was incredibly enthusiastic. cbus5 So we brought the party to Columbus, but they brought it right back! cbus7 There were a lot of cool people in Columbus. You know how we knew? They had cool dogs. And they were happy to show it. cbus6 One of my fav groups of people were Nom Nom Nom, local treat makers who specialize in made-to-order treats with the freshest ingredients. And they even donate treats they can't sell to local shelters to comfort pups waiting for their furever homes. treat We also invited a few dogs in need of homes so we could help them in their search. I took a particular shine to this guy from Peace For Paws. His name is Emmit and he needs a home. cbus8 But I could spend all day talking about this big sweetie. :) After getting to know a bunch of new pups, we started the raffle to give away some of our best Bark gear! cbus10 And boy oh boy were pups excited to get some of the toys and treats they'd normally get in a BarkBox. cbus9 A few humans fought over our pawesome giveaway T-shirts, but all the dogs were cool. (Am I kidding? Only Columbus will ever know.) I even walked around the Commons after the event and found a lovely menswear store with modern sensibilities called Flying Gent, and lo and behold they sold dog merch! collar The CollarDoos are even locally made! Wow, Columbus. Just wow. Like I said. It's our kind of town. cbus3

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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