If You Do Any Of These 15 Things, Congratulations. You’re A Dog Person.

Written by: Katie Haller

March 4, 2016

First and foremost, if you are reading this, you’re already on the right path. We started this hashtag because we think every dog person deserves a special shout out for being one of the greatest types of humans.

If any of these things ring true for you, we encourage you to upload a picture or video tagging @barkpost & using the hashtag #CongratulationsYoureADogPerson.

1. Do you kiss your dog on a regular basis? Congratulations!
2. If you prefer to express your love through the art of dance, these are also perfectly acceptable relationship goals.

3. If you have to designate an half hour before going anywhere for saying goodbye to your dogs, you are nailing it at the dog person life. (Side note, you should really follow @the_blueboys if you like happiness.)

4. This man (Matt Hagel) has a t-shirt of his dog at his dog’s, Monty, birthday party. CONGRATULATIONS TO THIS MAN. 

5. If you spend your entire day waiting for this moment, high paws dog person.

6. If you are smiling like a 15 year-old girl at a Justin Bieber concert right now, yeah, you’re a dog person.

7. I support the hell out of this.

7. And this.

8. It takes a dedicated dog person to devote their entire camera roll to their dog.
9. Do you serenade your dog with sweet love songs? You do?! GREAT JOB.

10. If you could do this for 6-8 hours at a time, you might just be cut out for the role of a GREAT DOG PERSON. Go, live your dreams.

11. Ideal job: Dog Masseuse

12. Why would you go to brunch when you can do this instead?

13. Honestly, how much less awkward would dates be if they were just with dogs?
14. This may or may not be my mother’s foot. Anyway, congrats on being a dog person, mom. Also, nice pedicure.

15. What do you see? Your future? Congratulations, you’re a dog person.

Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram & share with us what makes you the wonderful dog person that you are.

Featured image via @barkpost

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Written by: Katie Haller

March 4, 2016

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