Dog Takes Goofy Selfie After Getting ‘Arrested’ For Stopping Rush Hour Traffic

Written by: Michella Ventres

May 13, 2016

A Connecticut state trooper saved the life of one lucky pooch after he the pup in a scary situation on a busy highway during morning rush hour.

ct small dog rescue

Trooper Michael Spry sprung into action after several calls came in reporting a loose dog running on Interstate 95 in Fairfield, Connecticut just after 7AM. This poor pup was terrified and confused. He was running in and out of the lanes on the northbound side of the busy highway. Luckily, Spry stopped traffic to prevent anyone from hitting the dog. The tiny pooch eventually sought refuge under a pickup truck, where Spry was able to catch up to him.

Connecticut Trooper Dog Rescue

Naturally, after his heroic action, Spry took a selfie with the little guy once he was safe in his cruiser. Then he took the pup to Fairfield Animal Control.

This cutie is estimated to be between one and three years old and no one has claimed him yet. If he is not claimed within eight days he will go up for adoption after a much-needed spa day.


If this pup looks familiar to you please call the Fairfield Animal Control at 203-254-4857.

Feature Image: Twitter/ CT State Police

H/T: NBC Connecticut

Written by: Michella Ventres

May 13, 2016