You Will Never Be As Cool As This Airport Guard Dog

Piper the Border Collie has an important job - it's to look mutherpuppin' badass. Exhibit A:
Okay, that's not Piper's only job. The pup works at the Cherry Capital Airport in Michigan as part of the airport's Wildlife Hazard Management Plan. The 7 year old dog's mission is to chase birds away from airplanes. To date, the number of birds he's scared away is upwards of 2,450.
Piper's human is airport operations supervisor Brian Edwards - he's also the dog's manager and PR rep. Piper has a website, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. We imagine it's wasn't very difficult to make Piper a star, I mean LOOK.AT.HIM:
h/t MLive.

Regina Lizik

6 years ago

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