Hip Frenchies On A Skateboard Are On Their Way To A Party You’re Not Invited To

Have you ever witnessed something so cool it leaves you momentarily stunned? Like mouth agape, frozen in place, drool-running-ever-so-gently-from-your-mouth stunned? We can only imagine that's what bystanders were thinking when they saw a hamboard cruising through Hermosa Beach with six French Bulldogs in tow. The Frenchies, affectionally nicknamed "The French Brigade," are local celebrities in South Bay, California. The Frenchies are no different than the typical beach bum, and they are often spotted riding their skateboards up and down boardwalks like it's no big deal. We can only assume they're on their way to some cool bonfire party we're not invited to. Not like it matters, because we totally didn't want to come anyway. Although an invite would be nice. *wipes away a tear*

Conquering 6 Frenchies on the electric hamboard#thefrenchbrigade#Godbless

Posted by The French Brigade on Thursday, March 10, 2016
h/t Jalopnik

Tiffany White

6 years ago

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