Grieving Pup Almost Dies of a Broken Heart Until Cop Swoops In

What could have been a truly tragic tail has a silver lining thanks to Virginia police officer Karen Spencer-Boyles! The dog-ruving officer spotted two pups in the middle of the highway and just knew she had to paw it forward…



In 2009, Spencer-Boyles’ pup, Tex, ran out into the road and was hit by a car. A stranger stopped to help save her dog’s life that day, and Spencer-Boyles didn’t hesitate to return the favor when she saw the chance.



When she approached the scene, Spencer-Boyles realized that one of the dogs had been hit by a car and died, and his grieving friend wouldn’t leave his fallen friend’s side. The kind-hearted officer removed the pup from harm and soothed him.



The rescued pup has been nicknamed Giusseppe and was collected by Richmond Animal Care & Control, who believes he has an owner because he is neutered and was wearing a flea collar. If the owner does not collect him within 10 days, Guisseppe will be put up for adoption. Contact Richmond Animal Control at (804) 646-5573.

PUPDATE: Boomer, a.k.a. Giusseppe, escaped when someone accidentally left the gate to his yard open, but he was happily reunited with his owner thanks to Richmond Animal Care & Control and his microchip. High paws all around!


Photo via Richmond Animal Care & Control’s Facebook Page

Source: WTVR

Laura Hartle

8 years ago