This Is What It Looks Like When A Fluffy Herd Of Corgis Take Over A Beach

Written by: Emily Wang

July 29, 2015

By now you must know of the popular Corgi Beach Day event that happens four times a year in Southern California. If you haven’t, well, this is what it looks like:


The event started out a couple years ago just as a few Corgi owners who wanted to get together and have a play date at the beach.


This past April, during their Spring Beach Day, the event grew to having over 600 Corgis in attendance. And this doesn’t even count the honorary Corgis and friends of Corgis that come to join in on the fun.


Normally Corgi Beach Day is held four times a year (one event per season) and the event organizers, Kelly & Dan McLemore, host fun contests and games.


This time around, Beyond, a natural pet food brand, sponsored the event and brought snacks and goodies for the attendees to enjoy.


They also ran a charitable campaign to donate 500 lbs. of natural dog food to Queen’s Best Stumpy Dog Rescue, the Corgi Rescue that this event was started to support.


They even brought their own sweet ride for the Corgis to enjoy.


Held at Rosie’s Dog Beach in Long Beach, over 800 fluffy momos romping around on the sand was definitely a sight to see. Check out this video for an overview of the day, and get planning so you can come out to the next Corgi Beach Day in the fall!

“Two corgis are better than one, we’re twice as fun.”


“Zomggggg!! He kissed me on camera!”


“Mom, mom, mom do I look cute? I want to post this on my Insta.”


“Say pees, mom!”


“Hey hooman, you’re kinda getting in the way of the sun. Can you like move?”


“Ready to launch.”




Video and featured image by @emwng

Written by: Emily Wang

July 29, 2015