This Corgi Hopped On A Plane Bound For Mississippi… And Landed In Hawaii

Reviewed by Dr. Katy Nelson

December 2, 2015

If you’re expecting to exit a plane onto vast farmland, forest, and maybe a fried pickle or two, you’d be in for a rude magnificent awakening to find yourself in Honolulu instead.

confused ryan

American Airlines made a wee bit of a mistake on Saturday with Bethany the Corgi’s connecting flight to Mississippi, where she was expected at her new home.

Somehow, she was separated from her human and flew first class (we can dream) to a lush, breathtaking paradise. Bethany probably couldn’t tell whether she got really lucky or particularly unlucky… you can decide. She must have at least received a lei or a refreshing fruity beverage after such a long journey.

trigger corgi

When her human realized she was missing, he quickly assumed Bethany had been lost or stolen and offered a $1,000 reward for her return. Luckily, the airline realized their mistake and found a vet to watch over her until the following Monday. “She took a little bit of a vacation,” said American Airlines’ spokesperson Andrea Huguely. “She has been very well taken care of the entire time.”


The pup returned to Dallas and then flew the final leg of her journey to Mississippi.

Bethany’s dad will never understand why his dog has a hankering for strawberry daiquiris and pineapple chunks, but she will. She always will. The islands hope to see you again soon, Bethany.

H/t Hawaii News Now and Mashable, Featured Image via Reddit/onlysolo; Note: no dogs pictured depict the pup in the article

Reviewed by Dr. Katy Nelson

December 2, 2015