This Guy Surprised His Girlfriend With Her Favorite Celebri-Dogs And It Was Amazing

Becky Harris, of Buzzfeed fame, is obsessed with the oh-so obsess-able Corgis, Ralph and George. She checks their Instagram, @ralphthecorgi, every day and even photoshops the pups into her personal photos. (Doesn’t everyone?)

Becky’s dreamboat of a boyfriend, Corey Flaspoler, decided to surprise her with the most pawdorable, friggin surprise of all time. The plan was to trick Becky into thinking she was filming a non-Corgi related video for Buzzfeed, and then, when she least suspects it… BAM. CORGI PAWTY.

It’s as charming and delightful as the little-sausage-bodied, rump-bummed, smiley-faced Corgi’s themselves.

Sigh, true ruv…

H/t via Buzzfeed

Zoe Costello

7 years ago