13 Low-Riding Corgi Mixes We Need To Pet This Instant

Written by: Jake Wells

January 4, 2022

All dogs are funny. They’re like our miniature stand-up comedians who never cease to make us laugh. But some breeds are just a bit more side-splitting than the others, and ranking near the top of the unofficial “Most Humorous Dogs” list is definitely the corgi.

There is truly nothing more rewarding in the aww-department than perusing these adorable corgis cross breeds! Take a trip down the corgi-mix rabbit hole and meet a few you didn’t even know existed.

picture of corgi shaking off water on old train tracks

1. Chorgi (Chihuahua + Corgi)

Tiny AND stumpy? Win-win. (Also, her name is Gravy.)

A chorgi mix between a chihuahua and a corgi

2. Corgidor (Labrador + Corgi)

He’ll retrieve the ball, but it might take him a little longer to get there.

A corgidor mix between a labrador and a cordi.

3. Aussie + Corgi

I couldn’t think of a name for this one. Aussorgi? Caussie? Let’s just agree they’re adorable.

A mix between an Australian shepherd and a Corgi

4. Borgi (Beagle + Corgi)

Somehow that trademark “awoooo!” is even cuter on a low-rider.

5. Corg-bull (Pit Bull Terrier + Corgi)

The perfect mixture of intense cuddles, rumbling snores, and cute butts.

A Corg-bull is a mix between a pit bull and a corgi

6. Corman Shepherd (German Shepherd + Corgi)

An alert, stumpy protector suitable for any home without steep stairs.

7. Cojack (Jack Russell + Corgi)

The ultimate ankle-biter.

A Cojack is a mix between a Jack russell Terrier and a corgi

8. Dorgi (Dachshund + Corgi)

If burrowing under blankets and stealing treats are what you want in a dog, boy do I have a breed for you.

A Dorgi is a mix between a Dachshund and a Corgi

9. Corgalier (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel + Corgi)

Royally cute, super soft, perfect eyeliner. The triple threat.

10. Canaan + Corgi

The Canaan is a thousand-year-old breed historically used for herding livestock. We hope he can keep up with the sheep on those little stumpers.

A mix between a Caanan Dog and a Corgi

11. Jorgi (Jindo + Corgi)

The Jindo is a Korean breed bred for hunting and guarding—they look similar to a large Shiba Inu!

A Jorgi is a mix between a Jindo and a Corgi

12. Shorgi (Shetland Sheepdog + Corgi)

BALL. OF. FLUFF. Enough said.

A Shorgi is a mix between a shetland sheepdog and a corgi

13. Golden Corgi (Golden Retriever + Corgi)

Jam-packed with joy, zoomies, and an unconditional love for tennis balls.

A Golden Corgi is a mix between a Golden Retriever and a Corgi

Featured image via @jackson_the_corgidor

Written by: Jake Wells

January 4, 2022