Here’s Why You Can’t Stop Sniffing Your Dog’s Paws

Our furry friends produce a wide variety of odors, but among the most delightful is surely the distinct corn-chip scent emanating from the feet of some dogs. frito paws Admit it: you've taken a good sniff on more than one occasion. paw-sniffing Mmmm, pawsitively scrumptious! crashthepit fritopaws But where does this fantastic Frito fragrance come from? Just like human feet get a little sweaty, so can a dog's (yep, dog paw pads sweat!). That scent from your pooch's paws comes from totally natural bacteria that grow in between a dog's toes, namely Proteus or Pseudomonas. anarg6 doghumanfeet For dog parents who are less than fond of the aroma and would rather get rid of it, a little soap and water should do the trick. jannxb soapybath But why would you want to mess with one of nature's great miracles? We say, just sit back and let it waft over you. trinbean smell paws  
Featured Image via Good Doggy Blog

Erin Webreck

7 years ago

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