Rescuers Save 64 Dogs From Costa Rican Puppy Mill

In April, the Human Society International (HSI) rescued 64 dogs from a puppy mill in Costa Rica.

The mill was breeding a variety of dogs, including Poodles, Maltese, Shih Tzus, Chihuahuas, Yorkshire Terriers and Pekingese.

As with most mills, these pups were kept in small, filthy cages. Many of the dogs had never seen sunshine or stepped foot in the grass.

costa rican puppy mill 2

Cynthia Dent, HSI’s Executive Director, tells the Digital Journal:

“Dogs were uncared for, with skin conditions and very poor conditions regarding their teeth. There were also dogs that were too old to be bred, pregnant and some of them too young to be bred, pregnant. They also had congenital diseases, which makes them not reliable for reproduction.”

The good news is that the HSI is filing charges against the breeders. The pups are also receiving medical care and on the mend.


Sadly, the situation for dogs in Costa Rica is dire. There are over 12,000 puppy mills in the small country. This is surprising because the supply does not seem to meet the demand. Ever year, people abandon one million dogs.

costa rica puppy mill

The Costa Rican government is paying attention. Thanks to the efforts of the National Animal Health Services, there are new regulations for breeders. There are also laws with harsher penalties that make it easier to prosecute puppy mill owners.

These new regulations should result in fewer mills and better lives for the dogs of Costa Rica.

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All photos and h/t via Digital Journal.

Regina Lizik

7 years ago