22 Last-Minute Costume Ideas For Lazy Pup Parents

Written by: Dina Fantegrossi

October 26, 2015

Want to dress your pooch up for Halloween, but just don’t have the energy to battle the crowds at the mall or sew something from scratch? No problem. Here are 21 ridiculously simple ideas to transform your pooch into a Hallow’s Eve Hound without breaking a sweat.

1. Ghost

The sheet with holes cut in it has long been the epitome of Halloween laziness. Now you can include your dog in your slovenly ways!


2. Beanie Baby

Cut a red heart from a folded piece of paper forming a heart shaped card. Add the lowercase “ty” with white out. Attach the card to a simple barrette or bobby pin and affix it to your long haired pooch’s ear. You buddy is a Beanie Baby!


3. Martini

Were you resourceful enough to save your dog’s post-spay/neuter cone of shame? Lucky you! All you need is a thin wooden dowel and a foam ball from the craft store painted to look like an olive, and your pooch is a dirty martini!


4. Dapper Chap

Put your artistic skills to the test on that same cone of shame and turn your pooch into a pipe smokin’ top hat wearin’ dapper dude!

dapper chap

5. Skunk

Schipperke parents, this one’s for you, but any black dog will do! All you need is some fuzzy white material for the stripe and your dog is ready to Trick or Treat!


6. Mummy

Roll of gauze, a little fake blood, and boom! Instant dog mummy! Sure the Egyptians preferred cats, but who says Halloween has to be historically accurate?


7. Ear of Corn

Hand cut a simple vest from green felt. Add yellow ping-pong balls. Admire your Corn Dog!


8. Baby

All you really need for this one is an adorable onesie! Bib, bonnet and pacifier optional. Don’t have kids? Hit up a friend or gently used children’s wear shop.

baby 3

9. Princess

Most party supply stores have a wide variety of pointy party hats. Choose one in pink or purple- the sparklier the better. Add in a toddler’s tutu and your work is done! If you’re feeling ambitious, attach some yellow yarn braids to the hat!


10. Horse

Know how everyone is always exclaiming “What is that a horse?!” when you walk your giant breed dog? Why not run with it? All you need is a blanket with a saddle and stirrups! The pint sized jockey is optional!


11. Hawaiian Tourist

A selection of brightly colored, tropical faux flowers from the craft store draped around your pooch’s neck is all ya need.


12. Loofa

Hit up the craft store for some colorful netting for making wreaths. Swaddle your pup. Add a little loop of rope and a rubber ducky. Your little buddy is a loofa!


13. Chia Pet

Four terracotta colored cuffs + real or artificial foliage = Canine Chia Pet!


14. Unicorn

Affix narrow, conical object to forehead. Done.


15. Flower Child

Faux or natural flowers arranged into a hippie-dippy crown transforms your pup into an instant flower child!

flower child

16. Big Bad Wolf

Repurpose your frilliest pink nighty and upcycle a shower cap to make your dog into the Big Bad Wolf. Glasses are a plus if your dog will tolerate them.

bib bad wolf

17. Doge

Embrace doge and make your sheeb (or any breed of pup) a meme. All it takes is a harness, some paper clips and a little bit of doge-speak. Open up the paper clips and use clear packing tape to attach the pieces of paper to one end. Use the tape to secure the other end of the paper clip to your dog’s harness. Amaze.


18. Skeleton

All you need to make a scary skeleton dog is some white paint and a little knowledge of canine anatomy. But, for pup’s sake make sure you use safe, washable paint!


19. Pup of Joe

If you aren’t artistic enough to draw the Starbucks label, just print one off your computer and glue it to the cardboard sleeve. Don’t forget the adorable coffee lid cap!


20. Cereal Killer

What could be lazier than cutting up an empty cereal box and attaching a broken knife handle?

cereal killer

21. Hostess Cupcake

A simple white curlicue pattern on a brown T-shirt or harness and your dog has a unique, simple and comfortable costume!


22. Dogald Trump

Got a longhaired pooch? All you need is a doggy brush and a little bit of back-combing skill and you’ve got yourself Dogald Trump!


Featured image via @ScarletAndButtons

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Written by: Dina Fantegrossi

October 26, 2015

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