14 Adorable Couples Costume Ideas For Dogs And Kids

Written by: Christen Groves

October 24, 2015

Nothing is cuter than a kid and their dog. Well, except maybe a kid and their dog in a couples costume on Halloween!

1. Carl and the House from Pixar’s “Up.”

For Carl’s look all you need is a sweater, brown pants, a bow tie, and a PVC pipe cane with tennis balls on the end! For your pup, find a large cardboard box and get as detailed as you want! Top the whole look off with a dozen multi-colored balloons!


2. Sherlock Holmes and Watson

For detailed instructions on how to get the full detective look for both you and your pup, click here.


3. Kristoff and Sven from “Frozen”

To give your pup Sven’s look, simply construct some antlers out of foam or cardboard, and make some leg cuffs and a bib with faux fur fabric!


For a DIY tutorial on how to make Kristoff’s outfit, click here. To really get into character, have Kristoff carry around a couple of carrots for Sven (carrots are a healthy, pup-friendly treat)!


4. Popeye and Olive

For details on how to make Popeye and Olive’s costumes, click here!


5. Little Red and the Big Bad Wolf

For a full DIY tutorial on Little Red’s outfit, as well as the Big Bad Wolf’s, click here.


6. Toothless and Hiccup (or Astrid) 

For details on how this awesome costume was made, click here!


For a full DIY tutorial on both Hiccup and Astrid’s outfits, click here!


7. Willy Wonka and Oompa Loompa

All your little Oompa Loompa needs is a brown turtle neck, a pair of white shorts, some striped knee socks, suspenders (made from two pieces of white felt), and some green hair dye! For Willy Wonka, hot glue a large green bow to a purple shirt/polo or a large cape made of felt. For details on how to make a top hat for you pup, click here.


8. Beauty and the Beast

Belle’s look is easy, all you need is a  formal yellow dress! For Beast, make a lion type mane from faux fur fabric, and hot glue yellow felt pieces to an old blue sports coat or shirt.


9. Mighty Dragon and Valiant Knight

Most of this cute Knight outfit can be created with old clothes, spray painted silver! To create a dragon costume for your pup, click  here.

10. Lion Tamer and Lion

For the full DIY tutorial, for both the lion tamer and lion, click here!


11. Ariel and Flounder

To create Flounder’s look simply glue blue, fin shaped pieces, as well as blue stripes, onto a yellow poncho or felt cape!


For a full DIY tutorial on Ariel’s look, click here.


12. Jack Skellington and Zero

For the body part of the Zero costume, all you need is a white pillowcase. For Zero’s head, glue a Styrofoam cone and rounded block together. Next, cover the cone and block with white fabric. Draw two big black eyes onto the fabric covering the rounded block of foam. Using white felt, cut out two ears and hot glue them to the back of the rounded block. Now add an elastic band (make sure it fits your pups head comfortably), so the headpiece stays securely on your pup! Finally, hot glue a small fabric pumpkin to the tip of the fabric covered cone to Zero’s nose!


For a full DIY tutorial on Jack Skellington’s look, click here.


13. Charlie Brown and Snoopy

A similar snoopy look can be created with a white felt, hooded cape, black felt ears, and a black cotton ball nose (for an extra touch, add a bright red collar!)! Charlie Brown’s look is even easier–simply hot glue a black fabric zigzag to a bright yellow shirt!


14. Bo Peep and her Sheep

For details on how to make your pup look like a little sheep (wait that’s not a real sheep?), click here! Or if you have a doodle, just embrace their lamb like qualities!


Bo Peep’s outfit can get as detailed as you want! Start by finding a frilly, floral dress, a white apron, and an old cane. If you are feeling extra crafty, and want to make the costume from scratch, click here!


Don’t forget to share the cuteness, and post pics of your  pup-tastic kid/dog couples costumes to BarkFeed! We can’t wait to see what you guys come up with!

Written by: Christen Groves

October 24, 2015