Couple Creates Amazing Rustic Pet Furniture To Honor Their Poisoned Dogs

Preji & Grynberg is a small but mighty pet furniture company started by the adorably in love Alex and Janet who, although they're just getting started, are already churning out some of the most droolworthy dog digs on the market. preji grynberg couple dog It's an unfortunate reality that some of the greatest art is inspired by the worst suffering. Last year, Alex and Janet's dogs, Preji and Svenja, were inexplicably poisoned and killed -- an atrocity that, horrifyingly, isn't at all uncommon in their native Mexico City. svenja Preji & Grynberg work hard to raise awareness of animal cruelty. All of their pets have been adopted from the streets and they hope to one day open a rescue of their own for abused and neglected animals. prej The pieces they create have a strong, rustic aesthetic that can be easily integrated into almost any design scheme. pre2 From large multi-dog dog loungers... duo thoughtfully designed small touches, they've got you covered. bowls Another thing we love is that the furniture is lovingly crafted with book lovers in mind. book shelf Anyone that can make such beautiful pieces from such unimaginable agony -- and all out of love for dogs -- is definitely going places. preji

Visit Preji & Grynberg to see their full collection and find out more!

H/T Bored Panda 

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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