Couple’s Reunion With Stolen Dog Is Full Of Tears, Kisses, And One Really Wiggly Butt

Written by: Sarah Kaufman

May 28, 2016

Someone stole Magnolia Steel (aka Maggie), a four-month old Boston Terrier from her human’s car last week.

Michael Steel had left Maggie in the car for about 45 minutes while he was running some errands, and he came back to find the passenger window broken and Maggie stolen while she was in her carrier bag, which Michael believes the thieves mistook for a gym bag.


He told The Washingtonian:

She’s a sweet and adorable girl. We just want her to come home.

And come home she did! But in a really unexpected way.

A local high school student found the pup in her carrier at a Metro station and returned her to her humans. Michael and Mary Kathryn (his wife) reunited with Maggie two days after she was stolen.

The joyous moment below this fuzzbutt saw her humans once again was captured on camera by WUSA 9:

The couple gave the 18-year-old student a reward of $10,000 for returning their BFF to them. Their big reunion with little Maggie.

High paws to the student who found the pup and congrats to the Maggie and her humans on their reunion!

Featured image via Michael Steel/Washingtonian and WUSA 9

Written by: Sarah Kaufman

May 28, 2016