Courtroom Canine Gives Kids The Strength To Take Down Their Abusers

For child victims of crimes, testifying in court can be a terrifying experience. Enter the pups of the Canine Advocacy Program. Tehya the Black Lab, is the latest addition to Michigan's Van Buren County court system. DOGCOURT2-5bea65286cb59e90 The thirteen-month-old pup received obedience training through the CAP in partnership with the Leader Dog School for the Blind in Rochester, Michigan. [bp_related_article] Van Buren County Prosecutor Michael Bedford said:
"The bond between dogs and humans is natural and will likely provide the children with some comfort during interviews and ultimately during court hearings. Even adults find comfort in having 'man's best friend' at their side in trying situations."
"She will either be in court or immediately available to the victims right after court. It depends on the judge and the courtroom and the nature of the hearing."
DOGCOURT-fa0b1828825d0e93 The nonprofit does not charge the county for Tehya's services, and taxpayers won't pay the cost of having victim advocate dogs assist in court. Pretty pawsome!
Featured image via Daytona Niles/Kalamazoo Gazette
h/t The Herald-Palladium

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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