Baby Calf Rescued From Slaughterhouse Thinks He’s A Dog

Written by: Ally Nesmith

November 6, 2015

Life had not been kind to little Goliath, a weak and sickly calf who was born on a dairy farm and destined for slaughter. The future looked awfully grim until Shaylee Hubbs (17) of Danville, California and her family interceded and rescued Goliath from his grisly fate.


When they first brought him home, Goliath was “so weak and so small that he couldn’t stand and you could pick him up very easily”, Hubbs said. Several months later, Goliath has made an amazing transformation — not only is he fully rehabilitated, he’s also convinced he’s a dog!

Goliath was raised with the Hubbs’ three dogs and so he enjoys running and playing with them, eating from their bowls, sleeping in their beds, and has picked up many of their adorably doggish mannerisms. Goliath even enjoys a good old ear scratching as much as the next pooch.

goliath 3

Unsurprisingly (because dogs are awesome), the Hubbs’ Great Dane Leonidas took to “mothering” Goliath when he first arrived home. Picking up on the helplessness of the calf, Leo would lie with him, lick his face, and even help nudge Goliath to his feet when he was struggling to stand. The two of them are still inseparable and get into all kinds of trouble — Leo has now taught Goliath how to let himself into the house and get up on the couch!

goliath 2

Dogs are a kind-hearted lot and I don’t think they mind adding a new recruit to the ranks. Even one that looks udderly ridiculous!

h/t ABC News

Written by: Ally Nesmith

November 6, 2015