Patriotic Pup Has Fit Of Zoomies All Over America

There's nothing quite like watching a pooch come down with a serious case of the zoomies. There's a very distinct ritual all dogs go through when the roomies hit: first, the whites of their eyes become exponentially more prominent. Second, they bend down and tilt their heads in an near acrobatic feat of excitement. Thirdly and finally, they explode in a furry mix of cuteness and speed. This Shih Tzu, who for all intents and purposes of this video we shall refer to as "the new Bald Eagle", comes down with a severe case of the zoomies while laying on a patriotic red, white, and blue quilt. Hilarity ensues, as does cuteness, patriotism, and a little more cuteness. Enjoy!
h/t to The Animal Rescue Site

Brandon Rhoads

7 years ago

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