The Time Our Cricket Bean Was Part of a Photoshop Battle

Around the BarkBox office, we're pretty voracious Internet consumers. On a typical day, there's a steady barrage of dog pictures, GIFs, photos, videos, and articles being IM'd, emailed, and shared between the team. One of our favorite dog content sources? Reddit of course. So last week when we found that a photo of our very own office pup, Cricket Bean, was the source image for a Reddit Photoshop battle, we were tickled down to our pup-lovin' toes.   (If you're unfamiliar with Reddit, don't worry. Just look at the pictures below and revel in the hilarious fact that a bunch of strangers decided to Photoshop our Cricket Bean into a bunch of wacky pictures and GIFs just for fun. ♥)   #29: Cricket the astronaut. astronaut-chihuahua   #28:Cricket as Barack Obama. baby   #27: Cricket photobombing the King of Sweden at the Olympics. baseball   #26:Cricket as the birthday girl. birthday-party   #25: Cricket as Enoch Thompson. boardwalk-empire-dog   #24:Cricket as a hot dog. burrito   #23: Cricket photobombing Buster Bluth. buster-and-dog   #22: Cricket morphing into a German Shepherd. chihuahua-to-german-shepherd   #21: Cricket as Debbie Downer. debbie-downer-dog   #20: Cricket as The Joker. disaster   #19: Cricket as a pipe-smoking gentleman. dog-smoking-pipe   #18:Cricket as The Most Interesting Man in the World. gangsterdog   #17: Cricket as Gold Five. helmet   #16: Cricket Bean as Mr. Bean. if-you-know-what-i-mean   #15: Cricket as Jesse Pinkman. jesse-pinkman-dog   #14: Cricket as Chubby Bubbles Girl. leo2   #13: Cricket as a goomba. mario   #12: Cricket as Mona Lisa. mona-lisa   #11: Cricket as McKayla Maroney. not-impressed   #10: Cricket as crasher squirrel. photobomb-dog   #9: Cricket as sheriff. sombrero   #8:Cricket photobombing the queen. queen-and-dog   #7:Pinwheel of Crickets. pinwheel   #6: Cricket claiming a large dump. jurassic-park   #5:Cricket as Rose DeWitt Bukater. leo_and_cricket   #4: Cricket with extremely expressive eyebrows. 1   #3: Cricket as Steve Urkel. steve   #2: Cricket as Snoop Dogg. *Ahem, Lion. snoop-lion-cricket   And #1: Cricket playing cricket. cricket-playing-cricket
And what did Miss Cricket have to say about all of this? Screen Shot 2013-06-25 at 11.17.45 AM  

Hope Bobbitt

8 years ago

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