15 Times Crusoe The Dachshund Made The Holidays Even More Joyous

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

December 22, 2015

Holiday season has finally arrived and with cheerful glee filling the air, we thought we’d share some funny holiday moments from our pal, Crusoe the Dachschund! Remix and I had the great pleasure of meeting this incredible pup at Woofstock this past September and it was AWESOME! Anyway, I’ve digressed so let me present to you 15 of Crusoe’s best holiday moments:

1. Crusoe Opens All The Presents

2. Crusoe the Little Drummer Boy

3. Downhill Crusoe Goes

4. Ain’t Nothing Better Than a Fishing with Crusoe

5. Halloween is a holiday, right?

6. School’s Out, Party at Crusoe’s!

7. Counting Down to Easter

8. Captain Crusoe

9. Stay Safe Over The Holidays

12. The Crusoe Who Stole Christmas

13. Holiday Rush & Slow Walkers

14. Naughty or Nice

15. Banana... Banana... Potato

Featured image via ViralSpell

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

December 22, 2015