We’ve Never Seen a Dog Stop Quite Like This

There is a dog named Stella, and when Stella is running around in the yard, how she stops is…interesting, to say the least. But it may revolutionize the traditional move from play to rest for doggies everywhere.

You see, if a dog wants to go from fetch to sleep, he must first execute a third move, a middle move if you will, called Stop. Stella the Yellow Lab has eliminated that move entirely, creating a new hybrid maneuver: the Stop/Sploot, or the Splop (patent pending). Watch Stella (and the Splop) in action:

Note: Stella is a perfectly healthy pup, with her own way of stopping play. Stella’s Splop skills are no remark on her general health, which her owner, Jody Hartmann, says is fine.

Thea Raymond-Sidel

8 years ago