15 Dogs Rebelling Against Your “Cute” Photos

Being a dog must feel a tiny bit like being a celebrity—everyone wants to touch you and take your photo all the time. Like any celeb hounded by paparazzi, every dog eventually reaches a breaking point. These 15 dogs are over having their photos taken. So put the camera down, please. 1."We're done here." Featured Image 2. "Get this thing outta my face!" Chocolate Lab 3. "You people are VULTURES!" Dog Barking Through Fence 4. "How would you like if I took photos of you relaxing at the beach with your friends?" Dogs at Beach 5. "Don't you have anything better to do?" Weiner Dog Says No 6. "Please, no photos today. No photos." Puppy swatting 7. "Oh, you want me to smile, do you?" Aussie 8. "Seriously, dudes. I'm out for a jog right now. No pics." Great Dane 9. "Ever heard of a little thing called privacy?" Dachshund 10. "One smile. You get one. Take the picture and be on your way." Weiner Dog Smiling 11. "I'm EATING, you loathsome pests!" In and Out 12. "Look, I'm not going to tell you again. Put the camera down." Beagle 13. "Come on, I'm with my kids. No photos, man." Boxers 14. "I said, MOVE. Get out of the way! If I hit you, it's not my fault." cavapoo 15. "Okay, that's it. Hold me back. Hold me back." Husky
Featured image via @CutestAnimals/Twitter

Dr. Katy Nelson

6 years ago

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