These Rescue Puppies Ransacked A Bunch Of Presents And We’re Not Even Mad

If you’ve ever seen, adopted, or heard of these creatures called “puppies,” then you may have been witness to their destructive ways. It’s true, puppies will leave a tornado’s-worth of chaos in their wake.


Whether it’s with their teeth, their poop, or if they just start knockin’ things around, they’re pretty much just tiny, adorable little wrecking balls.


During this most cheerful of seasons, puppies do not take a break. Here you see them PEEKING at their gifts before Christmas morning, dragging Santa’s hat around by the pom-pom, and just generally being all-around puppy-like.

And who can blame ’em?

H/t YouTube/PAWsitive

Dr. Katy Nelson

6 years ago

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