11 Dogs With The Best Tips For Surviving In The Wild

When it comes to surviving in the wild, dogs are hands down, or paws down, the best partners to have. After all, those pup noses are great for sniffing out sources of food or squirrels that might be lurking behind a tree. Although my pup, Remix, and I are more of the glamping type, these 11 pups have shown us how handy they could be if a Treat Apocalypse were to ever happen. Check out their survival tips and tricks below: Survival Tip #1: Blend in with the local fauna. PupVSWild - Maya_On_The_Move Survival Tip #2: Always prepare for the worst. PupVSWild - Operation_Sumo Survival Tip #3: Always keep treat rations in your bag. PupVSWild - agirlandheraussie Survival Tip #4: Always keep your eyes peeled for wild animals. AND STAY AWAY! PupVSWild - kyleydiluigi Survival Tip #5: If you can't beat them, join them. PupVSWild - DigbyVanWinkle [bp_related_article] Survival Tip #6: Bring a decoy just in case... PupVSWild - wilburbeast_the_corgi Survival Tip #7: Always pack a net to catch your prey. PupVSWild - ipartywithbrucewayne Survival Tip #8: Grab tools that will make surviving outdoors more successful. PupVSWIld - littlelilythefrenchton Survival Tip #9: When in doubt, go undercover! PupVSWild - CooperKing1 Survival Tip #10: Practice sleeping like a log to throw off any wild creatures. PupsVSWild - pawsofoz Survival Tip #11: Always bring a tent for shelter and don't leave the cooler empty. PupVSWild - macjonesthebulldog Think your pup has what it takes to survive in the wild? From now until June 16, post a picture on Instagram and show us how handy your pup is when you're in a pickle. Don't forget to use the hashtags: #PupVSWild, #NationalCampingMonth and #BarkPack so we can see your creative photos.
Featured image via @operation_sumo

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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