Dauntless Dachshund Leaps From Kayak In Hot Pursuit Of Dolphin

Another video of a daring and dauntless Dachshund has gone viral! Gracie, the “Weimer-weiner” (a.k.a. a gray Dachshund) was enjoying a kayak ride with her human, Tina Calderin, when a dolphin lept through the water right in front of them.

Not one to let a butt go un-sniffed (even aquatic, seafaring butts) Gracie jumped in after Flipper – much to Calderin’s dismay.

gracie jump

“She swam back to the boat after.” Calderin reassures on her YouTube page. “I call her my baby hippo.”
I don’t know about “Hippo,” personally, Gracie reminds me more of a certain one-legged, monomaniacal, whaling captain.

“Call me Ishmutt…”

H/t via Kyoot Animals

Zoe Costello

6 years ago

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