14 Products That Perfectly Show Everyone How Much You Love Your Wiener

Written by: Sarah Kaufman

July 21, 2016

Let’s face it: wiener dogs have a certain… je ne sais quoi. That total stylish package, even when they’re not wearing anything. Their little legs strut like a model on a catwalk, and they definitely give no barks about what anyone thinks of them. It’s time to celebrate that low-rider spirit with these pawducts for that special Dachshund (and Doxie-lovin’ human) in your life.

1. Dachshund Tote, $22

Add this durable tote to a wiener-dog-lover’s outfit, and you’ll be the life of a wiener-dog party! Or the life of any party. You’ll at least start some outrageous conversations. Doxie dog people love and accept each other just the way they are; there’s something about a dog so low to the ground that encourages group love.


2. Dachshund Cotton Boxers, $25

Don’t shy away from your passion in life… wieners!!! These 100% woven cotton boxers are good for lounging around the house, and if you’re really brave, wear them to a Doxie picnic!


3. Sausage Dog With Sausages, $14.41

Wiener dog owners also love a good sausage joke, and even though this print is technically for a children’s room, it’s kind of the cutest thing ever.


4. Silver Doxie Ring, $175

Dachshund owners need jewelry that represents their love, and this is the most complete sterling silver Dachshund ring we’ve ever seen. It’s so nice it takes up two fingers!


5. Solid Gold Dachshund Necklace, $215

If you’re more of a solid gold kind of dog fanatic, you might want to go with Jennifer Tull Westberg’s 10k yellow gold Doxie necklace.


6. Hot Dog Collar, $30+

Wrap your wiener in the finest canine accessory money can buy—a collar, with hot dogs. It’s time to throw subtleties out the window.


7. Dachshund Notelets, $14

If you want to go all out, which Doxie lovers often do, write a lovely note on Doxie stationary to go with a weenie-themed gift.


8. Dachshund Makeup Bag (large), $32

Doxie prints. On. EVERYTHING. Your friends might think you’re doggone-crazy, but TBH that’s the best kind of crazy!

9. Dachshund Creamer, $15

Look at a wiener dog every morning when you pour yourself some milk in your coffee. It’s dishwasher and microwave safe!


10. Canvas Pet Tote, medium, $160

This sturdy, made-in-Brooklyn canvas bag is perfect for your wiener dog’s little head to stick out of. It has outside pockets specifically for poop bags and treats. Get a medium if your Doxie is 15 lbs or less, a large if she’s over 15 lbs.


11. Dapper Doxies Shirt, $20

Let’s face it: your Doxies are dapper, and you want to represent that on a shirt. The material is slightly heathered, 60% combed cotton/40% polyester jersey, and the shirt is screen printed with eco-friendly materials and in an eco-friendly environment.


12. Hot Dog Toy, $8+

For the weenie love of your life, but no one’s judging if you want this bad boy for yourself. The internal rope makes it great for sharing with your pup—let the game of tug BEGIN!


13. Oktoberfest Pint Glass, $9

Deutschland, Hunde, und Bier, oh mein! That’s German for you really need to have this glass in your life right now.


14. Dachshund Mug, $20

This hand-sketched beauty wants nothing more than to hold your coffee or tea. Fill it with wine if you want, we won’t judge.


Get low and shop away!

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Written by: Sarah Kaufman

July 21, 2016

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