11 Doxies Who’ve Waited To See The Minion Movie Their Whole Life

If you don't already know, the Minions movie comes out this week! These adorable yellow Minions are not only popular with humans but the pups too! These 11 doxies can't wait for this blockbuster to come out. 1. "I guess we have to take these other guys to the movies too. " Photo Jul 06, 12 56 16 PM 2. "BANANA .....!!!!!!!!" Photo Jul 04, 6 01 45 PM (2) 3. "Ready for the Minion Movie... I just need you to buy the popcorn. " Photo 06-07-2015 09 40 48 [bp_related_article] 4. "Im not sure if I should eat this Minion or be friends with him. " FullSizeRender-2 5. " Ready to see the movie... I just don't understand why everything is dark right now. " IMG_2619 6.  "When I grow up I will definitely be in the next Minion movie. " LeleMinion1 7. "Two Minions is always better then one, right?!?" IMG_0971 8.  "When you go buy tickets, make sure you get enough for me and my friend."  cocominidoxie 9. "We are on our search for the Biggest Baddest Villain around!" Lilo_Minion_Pic2 10. "Do these glasses make me look like the prettiest Minion? Or prettiest Doxie?" Photo Jul 06, 12 56 06 PM 11. "Do Minions pee on fire hydrants?" #TheyDoNow scrappy
Featured image via Prinss Lilo Weenie

Kailey Persson

7 years ago

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