Heroic Dachshund Bravely Rescues Man From Absolutely Nothing

Dachshunds, pawsibly the most courageous of all the canine species... It seems like every time I turn on the news it’s another story about a Dachshund saving her family from obesity by eating all their food, or protecting an owner from hubris by never following commands. When it comes to heroes in hot-dog shapes, Ammo the Doxie is no different. While Ammo was enjoying the great outdoors with his pack, a grown man jumped into the water from a rope swing (a treacherous two foot fall). Luckily, the daring Dashschund was there to alert the crowd, swim out to the man, and lead him back to shore.

Dog only knows what would have happened if Ammo weren’t there. Watch the full, un-harrowing video here:   Also, a witness of the incident came forward to share their high-def footage of Ammo coming to the rescue:

Truly rebarkable stuff.

It's the thought that counts, Ammo. You'll always be a hero to us! :)
H/t Kyley D

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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