Beloved Doxie Resurfaces Days After Going Missing In Deadly Flood

Reviewed by Hope Bobbitt

November 8, 2014

A 5-year-old Dachshund named Tinkerbell shocked a community when she resurfaced from deadly debris days after going missing. This heartwarming “tail” proves yet again how determined even the smallest dogs can be!

It started out as heavy rain in Camarillo Springs, California late one Friday evening. The rainstorm quickly took a turn for the worse when a storm drain became clogged, causing a massive mix of mud and rocks to flood into the community. Several homes were damaged and families were forced to evacuate. Mim and Henry Needham were one of them. Unfortunately, the couple did not have ample time to evacuate before the debris flooded their home.

tink6Image via abc7

Henry Needham was caught waist-deep in the muddy debris when firefighters came to his rescue. Afterwards he pleaded with them to let him search the house for the family’s 5-year-old Dachshund, Tinkerbell. Instead, firefighters agreed to search but came up empty handed. The family believed that the two-and-a-half feet of mud that poured through the home had buried their dearest Tinkerbell.

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Serendipitously, the couples grandson and son-in-law stopped by the house two days later. It was then that the two heard the sound of a faint bark coming from inside. They immediately called for help and were able to save the messy dog from the muddy misfortune.

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The couple was shocked and overjoyed during their heartfelt reunion. “You could look around and see tears flowing from everybody,” neighbor Hal Hyman said. “A miracle happened on San Como Lane in Camarillo Springs.”

And that is what you call a pawfect ending ; )

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Reviewed by Hope Bobbitt

November 8, 2014