Wiener In A Wheelchair Finishes Last In Race, But He’s First In Our Hearts

When you see a dog dependent on the use of a wheelchair, you may feel any number of emotions. Pity, because maybe they aren't able to run, jump and play like other pups. Sadness, because of the suffering they have been through. Maybe even guilt, because your own dog is healthy and fit. This video proves that none of those negative feelings are necessary. [bp_related_article] Whether these dogs were born partially paralyzed or suffered an injury, they certainly don't let it slow them down or keep them from enjoying every moment. I dare you to watch these brave little hot dogs frolicking and not smile! And not to play favorites or anything, but...well, the last place guy is definitely number one in our hearts.

Featured Image via Rick Boettcher/YouTube


Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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