23 Dashing Doxie Decor Items For The Weenie Lover In All Of Us

Written by: Claire Wolfson

May 4, 2015

Let’s be honest, when you stumble upon anything Doxie themed you instantly have the urge to get it. Whether it’s something simple like a Dachshund on a post card or something more substantial like a set of Kate Spade Doxie plates, the feeling of MUST HAVE is more than likely there. This curated list will satisfy your half Dachshund heart without breaking the bank. All of these items are under $100 with the exception of the Mulberry Doxie Draft Excluder. But I mean, it’s Mulberry + Doxie, to me that equals MUST HAVE! Yappy shopping Weenies!

1. My Pet Dachshund Lamp, $79

This Weenie light adds the perfect amount of ambience to any living room. It comes in 6 different colors, I own the soft white & must concur it’s pawfect!

Dachshund Lamp

2. Dachshund Creamer, $15

BarkShop has an adorable dishwasher-safe Doxie creamer that will let your dog come to dinner even if they aren’t actually allowed on the table.

doxie creamer

3. Lisa Bengtsson Doxie Print, $15

Lisa Bengtsson creates my personal favorite sausage Dog themed art. Her online store is dangerous for dog moms & dads that have a love for quality design & Doxies. Check out her wallpaper! I want to plaster every room in my home with her wooftastic prints & designs.

Lisa B

4. Reclaimed Wood Dachshund Coasters, $20

Sustainable sausage pup coasters?! These are guaranteed to make any Weenie lover’s day start off on the right paw.

Doxie Coasters

5. Dachshund Little Jug by Fenella Smith, $35.37

These Doxie jugs are a cute but also practical pup pieces for any kitchen.

doxie jug new

6. Sausage Dog Planter, $39.99

This little Doxie planter can be used for multi-purposes. Whether you decide to use it as a planter or a cracker tray it will add sunshiney sausage love to any room in your home.

Dachshund Planter

7. Kate Spade Dachshund Plates$50

I consider these Kate Spade Dachshund Plates a collectors item for any paw-rents owned by their Wiener Dogs. A definite MUST HAVE.

Kate Spade Doxie Plates


8. Dachshund Bottle Stopper$24

Calling all wino Weenie lovers! This chic bottle stopper will make your favorite glass of Pinot Noir taste that much better.

Dachshund Bottle Stopper

9. Mulberry Doxie Draft Excluder, $115

This Mulberry Doxie Draft Excluder is a bit of a splurge but will promptly take your dapper Doxie decor level from 0 to 1000.


10. Dachshund Accent Lamp$26.99

World Market is often a barkin destination to fulfill your long, short & furry obsessions. They currently have a few hound themed items in stock including this swank sausage doggie lamp.

Doxie Lamp

11. Dachshund Fart – 80z Mason Jar Candle, $9

Make your house smell like home with none other than….Doxie farts. 😉

doxie candle new

12. Sweet Dachshunds Dishtowel, $22

Pupify your kitchen with these classy Dachshund dishtowels.

doxie dish towel new

13. Printable Doxie Art Prints$8.23

This stylish Doxie couple can be downloaded on your computer & printed at home for under $10!

Doxie Prints

14. Wiener Dog Wall Clock$45

You can’t ever have an excuse to be late again with this elegant hand painted Weenie clock!

Doxie Clock

15. Dachshund Tissue Box$10

Having a ruff day? Grab your box of tissues & turn that frown upside down with these smiling Weens from Barkington Lane.

Wiener Dog Tissue Box

16. Wire-Haired Doxie Wall Art$49

Wire-haired Doxies are a rare & wonderful breed of Ween. It’s hard to find Wirey Dach themed decor. This handcrafted wall art is a woof-terful design to honor your love for the Wire Wieners.
Wire Haired Doxie Wall Art

17. Doxie Cutting Board$14.99

Another sausage shaped item from World Market! I own this Doxie cutting board & not only does it get the job down you never have to put it away. It serves as Dapper Dox decor AND functional treat chopper!

Doxie Cutting Board

18. Dachshund Wall Decals$27.77

These vinyl sausage pup decals are a simple way to add a clean & modern look to any room in your Dachsie themed home.

Doxie Decals

19. Sausage Pup Pillow$30

If you’re looking to add some color & style to your living room these snazzy sausage shaped pillows will do the trick. They come in 3 contemporary shades. I want them all!

Doxie Pillow

20. Dachshund Bookends$49.95

If you’re like me your personal library is mostly filled with furry inspired literature. Add a touch of whimsy Weenie love & organize your Canine themed best sellers with these adorable bookends.

Doxie Bookends

21. Shabby Chic Sausage Accent Pillow$30

All hail the Ween! Show your love for the best breed of all time with these shabby chic pillows.

Shabby Chic Weenie

22. Gold Dachshund Candle$24

These eco-friendly golden Ween candles come in an array of delicious scents & are a pawsome gift for any Doxie dog lover!

Doxie Candle

23. Duvet Cover$129

Snuggle up with this funky Doxie duvet cover.

doxie bedding

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Written by: Claire Wolfson

May 4, 2015

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