17 Reasons Dating A Dog Person Is Good For Your Soul

Written by: Melina Giakas

September 22, 2015

Dog people are a unique breed of hoomans. They’re friendly, loyal, and full of spunk.  These puppy-like qualities make them some of the best companions out there. Here’s a few ways dating a dog person will improve your mind, body, and are puptastic for the soouuuuuuul.

1. They bring positive vibes.

Their dog’s happy-go-lucky tongue out energy has become a staple in their personality just as much as their dog’s. It’s bound to rub off on you too.

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2. You’ll feel closer to one another.

Nothing shows commitment more than taking care of the canine together.

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3. A dog person is up for anything.

Pawrents know to be prepared for almost anything and can find fun and joy in the little things.

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4. They’re bound to be giving.

Dogs demand a lot of attention, energy, and even money to pay for those bacon treats they love so much.

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5. You’re sure to get some extra lovin’.

Not only do you have an awesome hooman, you have a four-pawed canine to give you some extra smooches.

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6. You’ll be more relaxed in the company of a pup person.

Dog owners are known to have lower stress levels.

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7. You have the perfect excuse to head outside.

Nothing makes you feel better than some fresh air.

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8. Or spend a night in.

If you find yourself craving a night in you, your dog ruving companion will be more than happy to spend some quality time with you and poochie.

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9. You automatically gain a work out buddy.

A killer workout is a sure way to relieve stress and leave you feeling relaxed.

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10. They’ll remind you to find joy in the little things.

Like bugs…

soul 15


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And tennis balls.

soul 30

11. Dog people are forgiving.

Everyone makes mistakes. We’re sure the dog’s done worse things than forgetting to lock the door and they’re still around. 😉

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12. Dogs keep you humble.

Nothing is a greater reminder to stay grounded than picking up poop.

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13. You’ll become a better planner.

Walks, feeding, and dog park time all need to be penciled in. You’ll start to learn you can get much more accomplished when you have a set plan for the day.

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14. You’ll also learn to live for the moment.

Sometimes your dog runs through mud, or decides to poop in the dishwasher – reminding you not everything can be planned for.

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15. They remind you to forgive.

Just look at that face!

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16. They’ll teach you a new level of patience.

Teaching them tricks isn’t easy but you learn to be patient as you go through the process.

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17. They’ll bring out the best in you.

Dog people are kind, loving, generous, and some of the best hoomans around. They’re positive outlooks on life and adventurous tendencies are bound to rub off on you too!

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Written by: Melina Giakas

September 22, 2015

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