17 Things You Learn When You Date A Guy Who Loves His Dog

When you date someone, you inevitably become involved in their personal world, and vice versa. Sometimes that means friends and family that you didn't necessarily expect to come as part of the package. Or you could get really lucky and date a guy who has a dog! Because we all know there's so much to learn from someone who's always learning from their pup. :) 1. You instantly know they value relationships. boy4 2. You know he knows how to pick up after someone, so he may as well pick up after himself! presidentpancho 3. There will always be someone else in his life, but that's okay. boy5 4. Mandatory photobombing. boy6 5. He loves to play. boy7 6. Third wheels are acceptable as long as they're not human. boy8 7. Not afraid to get dirty. pepinathepuggle 8. When he's talking about his "baby," he won't always mean you. darkblitzer 9. He's fiscally responsible. After all, vet bills aren't cheap. hollywood_the_bc 10. Loyalty is a guarantee. boy2 11. He knows how to cuddle. boy1 12. All his friends are named Dude, Chief, and Bro, but he only has one Little Buddy. melilix 13. Selflessness. boy9 14. You'll always wonder who he loves more, but won't care as long as you get to play with his pup, too! bonjourbrie 15. He's open to starting a family, since he's already started one of his own. boy11 16. When he tells you he wants some "alone" time with you, chances are you two won't be alone. boy12 17. "Commitment" is NOT a four-letter word. dog-crash
Featured image via Press Herald

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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