Deaf Pit Bull Who Cried When Her Friend Got Adopted Without Her Is All Smiles

Written by: Regina Lizik

December 22, 2015

**Update December 27, 2015**

Sweet Marshmallow captured the hearts of everyone here at BarkPost. In truth, she captured the hearts of pretty much the entire internet. I mean, look at that face:

marshy freedom ride

What’s that, you ask? Why is Marshy in a car?


That goofy smile on her face is her freedom smile! She’s on her way to her forever home!

It doesn’t look like there’s going to be much of an adjustment period for the Pibble, either. She’s obviously already head over paws in ruv with her new mom:

marshy forever human

Miss Marshmallow has both fur and hooman siblings in her new home, so she will have lots of friends to play with. Another thing she’s going to have lots of… BELLY RUBS!

VERY excited in her new home!

Posted by Miss Marshmallow on Sunday, December 27, 2015

Congratulations to you and your new family, Marshy!

**Original Story**

Meet Marshmallow.


She’s one of the most gorgeous Pitties I’ve ever seen. This sweet girl has a few things stacked against her – 1. She’s a Pibble, and as we know, they aren’t the easiest pups to get adopted due to stereotyping. 2. She’s deaf – another thing that, sadly, can cause people to overlook an exceptional dog.

During her time at Unleashed Pet Rescue and Adoption in Mission, Kansas, Marshmallow hasn’t been lonely. She had her best friend Scooby by her side. The pair have been BFFs since April.

scooby and marshmallow

Scooby was recently adopted by some lovely humans, who, as much as they would like to, can’t bring Marshmallow home with them.

Marshmallow is confused and devastated that she is without her best friend. The rescue posted this video on their Facebook page of the pup crying while cuddling her stuffed toy.

This is heartbreaking… Marshmallow is crying and has been non stop since yesterday. Her roommate and best friend…

Posted by Unleashed Pet Rescue and Adoption on Sunday, December 20, 2015

It’s heartbreaking to watch. The shelter says that Marshmallow is as sweet and loving as her name. She’s great with other dogs (but she does prefer male hotties over other ladies), cats, and she pawsitively ruvs kids.

She also really likes to cuddle.

marshmallow 4

If you still aren’t convinced that Marshmallow is pretty much the most charming Pittie ever, I have two words for you: HER EARS!

marshmallow 6

Her big ears are freaking pupdorable! I take one look at them and I’m overcome with all kinds of cute aggression.

Marshmallow can be shy and it does take her awhile to warm up to people. She didn’t have a good start to life, as her previous owner left her chained up in his yard and never gave her the cuddles and love she deserved.

The rescue created a Facebook page to help people discover Miss Marshmallow’s supreme cuteness. If you live in the Mission, Kansas area, you can fill out an application to adopt Marshmallow, or one of the many dogs, available at Unleashed Pet Rescue and Adoption at the shelter’s website.

We’ll keep you all pupdated and let you know when this cutie finds her forever human!

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Written by: Regina Lizik

December 22, 2015

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