Death Row Pittie Gets A Last Minute Miracle As He’s Walking Back To Be Euthanized

Some article titles sound so dramatic that they can’t be true, right? The story of the adorable Pibble named Lovebug requires one of those titles – except it’s completely true.

Shelter workers were walking Lovebug to his death when Dr. Matt of Vet Ranch rescued him. Seriously, he was walking back to the room where workers were going to euthanize him. This six month old pup had minutes left.


Woah, right?

When he arrived at Dr. Matt’s office, Lovebug was in rough shape. He had mange and several bloody wounds on his body. In the video above, Dr. Matt says that he believes the puppy had given up on life, but that it was his job to give this little dog hope. Watch the video to see how that unfolds.

Regina Lizik

6 years ago