12 Chihuahua Stereotypes That May Or May Not Be Accurate

Reviewed by Claire Beaudreault

May 20, 2015

As a Chi mom myself, I know that when it comes to the tiny Chihuahua, stereotypes, myths, and prejudice abound. They’re accused of being aggressive, mean, and dominant ankle-biters.


Chi ruvers know that, like other dog breeds, there are exceptions to every assumption. Chihuahuas can be as loyal, friendly, and affectionate as any other dog. Here are some misconceptions about Chihuahuas that beg to be challenged!

1. They’re constantly yipping and barking.

Hey, okay, they don’t HOWL like some breeds.


2. They hate everyone and every dog.

Socialization is key to a well-adjusted Chihuahua.

chihuahua misconception stereotype

3. Chihuahuas ruv only one person.

They show loyalty to their human, but they can love others!

girl w chihuahua

4. They live furever.

Like the cockroach, Chihuahuas will survive the apocalypse. Thank dog you can enjoy the lil buggers for their average life expectancy of 15-20 years!


5. They’re prissy purse/lap/shirt dogs.

They are actually dogs, not trinkets, and benefit from being treated accordingly. Play with your Chi like a regular dog.

paris hilton pink sweatsuit tinkerbell chihuahua dog

6. They love chalupas. And tacos. And tequila.

Just don’t go there.

chihuahua tequila sombrero dog cute

7. They’re basically cats.

There are many reports of Chis adopting kittens, and cats adopting Chi puppies, but c’mon. Cats drool!


8. They are actually rats.


1220623169 chi rat

9. They’re a girly dog.

You sure about that?

Danny trejo chihuahua tough guy tattoos cigar dog

10. They’re hyperactive.

Their small size and high metabolism gives them more energy but they really don’t need as much exercise as other breeds.


11. They think they’re bigger than they are.

“Small dog syndrome” may occur when owners don’t treat them as dogs who need to be trained or exercised like dogs of other sizes.

chi napoleon

12. They’re the best.


the rock wrestler with chihuahua dog cute

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Reviewed by Claire Beaudreault

May 20, 2015